You landed the interview… now what?

You’ve been called back for an interview; what should you focus on now? There are many critical interview strategies that job seekers can use regardless of whether they are interviewing face-to-face or over a video conferencing platform (see our post about Acing the Video Interview in 5 Easy Steps here). These impactful tips will help you successfully navigate through the interview from start to finish.

One of the most important parts of the interview process is preparation.

Not only does in-depth preparation enhance your perception in the eyes of the interviewer, it also increases your self-confidence. Interview preparation involves several key activities including research, knowing how to communicate your value, understanding how your skills relate to the job you are seeking, and highlighting your achievements listed on your resume. This is of course in addition to familiarizing yourself with common interview questions and scenarios.

Researching and gaining a basic perspective about the hiring company is a pivotal component of successfully preparing for the interview. Take some time to explore their mission and values; this information is often easy to find with a simple internet search. You will be better able align your skills, experience, and values to the position once you know the nature of the business.

Additionally, you will want to have a solid understanding of the job requirements, including the location you’ll be working in. While fully remote jobs are on the rise, many jobs are still only temporarily remote with many positions requiring the employees’ presence on location intermittently. If the position you are pursuing has an in-person component, make sure to visit the location even if it’s a casual “drive-by” to get an understanding of the potential commute, available parking, and safety of the office location.

Another point of interest is the way that current employees feel about working at the company. Again, th