Time: Your Greatest Asset

How do you manage your time? There seems to be a limitless number of tips, tricks, and articles claiming to provide you with the secret strategy or best way to make the most of the time you have each day. In fact, a simple web search of “how to manage time effectively” will yield over 387,000,000 results. With this much information, why is it that so many people still struggle to find the time they need to achieve their daily priorities?

Perhaps the answer lies in understanding that is there is no single best way to manage time.

Each person’s life is unique, and their best time management strategy must be constructed based on realistic goals and tailored to their specific external and internal circumstances as well as work and personal demands. We’ve spoken to local efficiency experts to help you better understand what strategies to enhance, avoid, and integrate into your daily routine so that you can put together a strong individualistic time management strategy that works for you.


1. Enhance Beneficial Behaviors and Capitalize on Your Strengths

The first section of this guide will focus on those activities that promote better time management. Two of the foremost are prioritization and planning. First, go through your list of items to complete. Evaluate each one on the basis of how critical it is and how immediately it must be done. The more critical and more immediate items should be prioritized, while other tasks may be planned for a later date or delegated to others.

The next step is planning. With the widespread use of smart devices, there is no end to the myriad of different calendaring and day planning programs and apps available. These technologies can take care of much of the time-wasting minutiae of planning for you, saving you even more time. They also allow for collaboration and coordination of schedules, particularly for remote offices.