Making Work Fun

Most people can look at their job and identify both the parts they like the most and those that they dread. For some, work can be mostly arduous with some perks once in a while, but even the most satisfied employees can benefit from making small changes that can improve their workplace happiness. Beyond the obvious value of enjoying your job more, having fun at work can increase productivity and engagement as well as help avoid burnout.

Considering that we spend roughly a third of our time at work, the advantages of enjoying this time are numerous. Workplace happiness can improve life satisfaction, increase engagement, and has even been proven to improve productivity. Additionally, enjoying your work is a great way to defuse workplace stress (see our article on stress in the workplace here) and enhance mental health. [1] With these rewards in mind, we recommend focusing on a few simple steps to have a better time at your job.

Focus on Relationships

Feeling isolated at work is a very common factor that leads to burnout. The easiest way to fight this is to be intentional about developing relationships with your colleagues. Seek out interesting things about them and look for opportunities to get to know them better. This might include get-togethers outside of work (though this may be more challenging in today’s remote environments) or it can be as simple as taking time to be genuine and ask how they are doing before launching into a work subject that you need to discuss.

Celebrate Whenever

Find reasons to celebrate. If your company culture supports celebrating birthdays, employee anniversaries, and employee achievements, then you have a great place to start. Even if that isn’t the nature of your workplace you can always make a point of recognizing others when they do well. Injecting joy into your day whenever possible combats monotony and boredom on the job, encourages a positive mentality, and promotes stronger teams.