Internships: Your Springboard to Academic and Professional Success

Every student has been advised at some point to expand their experience and résumé

through internships, yet many graduates enter the workforce without having ever completed one. We traditionally think of students when discussing interns but in actuality anyone at any age looking to make a career change or gain experience in a field different from their own can become an intern.

Internships can be paid or voluntary and for this reason, some are unsure of the value of an internship or are concerned about investing time in an oftentimes unpaid opportunity. Others just don’t know how to search for an internship or feel that they lack the qualifications necessary to secure one. However, the benefits of internships far outweigh the uncertainty they may cause. In this post we’ll provide an overview of the benefits an internship can provide to jumpstart or enhance career opportunities.

Academically, gaining in-depth knowledge about a specific career path through an internship can save