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Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

Updated: May 5, 2023

An image of a person's hands using scissors to cut a written label between the letters/words, UN and COMFORTABLE.

Humans are creatures of habit and it is easy to fall into comfortable patterns of work and life. We do our daily jobs, be it a shift, part- or full-time hours, gig work, and so on. We get used to the routine, and it becomes easy to repeat it day after day. This is what we can call a comfort zone. Staying within our comfort zone is stress-free, as the routine becomes second nature and we become familiar with what it entails. But it’s time to get uncomfortable: turns out that leaving your comfort zone can boost your opportunities and chances of success! To begin with, there is a big difference between pushing past your comfort zone and throwing yourself into the deep end. Being too uncomfortable can be harmful, reducing your productivity and happiness. However, complacency has its own set of risks. According to Forbes [1], staying too comfortable can cause us to doubt our own value and creates a sense of security in our current positions that sometimes turns out to be false. Here are more benefits of getting out of your comfort zone:

  • A healthy amount of increased stress can improve your productivity.

  • You draw good attention to yourself which can open up opportunities for advancement and growth.

  • Leaving your comfort zone gives you access to opportunities and experiences you might otherwise never have.

  • You will develop important skills for adapting to change.

So without further ado, let’s talk about how to get outside of your comfort zone.

  1. Start small.

This is arguably the most important thing to remember when stepping outside your comfort zone: don’t step so far that you lose control. It is easy to get excited about making changes in your work or home life but making too much of a change can have a negative effect on your stress level. Plan what you will change and perform changes in incremental, achievable steps to set yourself up for success.

  1. Seek challenges.

A great way to challenge yourself is to ask your supervisor for more responsibility at work. Is there a project that you’ve been wanting to work on? Find a way to step up your current responsibilities without overloading yourself. This will help you make informed decisions about what and how much to take on.

  1. Adjust your attitude.

Attitude is everything. When you step outside your comfort zone, it is important to remember that you’re doing it for a good reason, and to stay positive. With increased pressure may come a tendency to be negative, and this combined with fear and anxiety can prevent you from reaching your goals. Remember to manage your workplace stress and focus on confidence and self-empowerment to help drive yourself past your insecurities and towards new accomplishments.

  1. Keep inspiring yourself.

As you continue to challenge yourself and grow, your comfort zone will expand. In order to keep growing, you must find new opportunities to explore. It is a continuous process that can be rewarding and enjoyable as you master new skills and achieve things you may not have imagined you were capable of. To recap, pushing yourself to expand your comfort zone is key to growth and development, both in your career and in your daily life. Our question for you is: what can you challenge yourself to do today?


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