Changing Jobs in Changing Times

As we face continuing challenges and changing lifestyles due to COVID-19, more Americans are questioning whether they should consider new career options. Many people change jobs throughout their careers, in fact, baby boomers are cited as having held an average of 12 jobs by age 52, according to a study released last year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Changing jobs is a serious decision frequently driving life changes.

There are several factors to evaluate when considering such a move including compensation, work/life balance, and upward career movement to name only a few. Here are some of the top questions that people choosing to make a career shift typically consider [1]:

  • Does the career they are considering offer better compensation?

  • Is the career they are considering leaving too stressful?

  • Would the change they are evaluating provide better work/life balance?

  • Are they looking for a new challenge?

  • Are they no longer passionate about the field that they currently work in?

Of the respondents to Joblist’s survey of job changers 77% of those who made a career change said that they were happier, 75% were more satisfied, 69% more fulfilled, and 65% indicated that they were less stressed!

A plan is crucial in order to successfully implement a career change. The first part of that plan includes getting to know yourself better.

Ask yourself and the peopl