Career Assessments – Helping you Find Your Way

Career assessments can be a highly effective and valuable tool to help map out your career path. Very few people know exactly what they want to do at the beginning of and throughout their career. Sometimes the responsibilities and experiences of a job change or the career path you are on, just aren’t a good fit anymore. Regardless of the reason, there are a number of powerful tools that can help those who are looking to find a fulfilling career.

Most of us are familiar with career and self-assessments. It is common for high school and college students to take skills, personality, and interests assessments to assist in planning a career path.

These tools are not only helpful for young people at the start of their careers; they can and should be used at any point to fine-tune employment goals and career direction as well as successfully help transition from one industry or job to another.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of options that provide insight and can lead to advantageous career choices. Some tests evaluate personality and temperament, others skill or natural affinity, and still others values and interests. While no test is perfect, the process of evaluating a person based on questions alone is not an exact science, these assessments can help identify qualities you may struggle to analyze alone. Utilizing a combination of assessments and inventories can deliver a more comp